Tolulope ADENIJI

Co-Founder and CEO of Ganador Healthcare Services (GHC), a place where we harmonize resources in academia, industries and healthcare for healthy living

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Adeniji Tolulope

In the spirit of academics, health care and technological practice and research, I stand up for creativity and real innovation to bring a healthy life to all.

The call for excellence has made me pursue excellence in leadership, clinical practice and research after graduating with a first degree in physiotherapy. My passion for vulnerable populations has made me serve in an area that is hard to reach, and this is also marked by more than a year of volunteering in an insurgency state with State Specialist Hospital, and International Committee of the Red Cross in Nigeria. I have been passionate about vulnerable populations, especially older adults, and this has helped me to advance my education in geriatric practice and education.

Ganador Healthcare Services is a lifetime project for me and some aspects of the project is also dedicated for older adults. In order to be able to help at high pedestal, I stand to attain the highest academic degree and status to help people to have healthy ageing. My commitment includes working with resourceful people in the academic, healthcare and technology industries to achieve my goal of healthy ageing for all.

Going forward, I plan to be more knowledgeable, skilled and practical in leadership, ageing science and practice, and living on a daily basis to advance others and to help vulnerable populations, especially older adults. I am ready to work together on healthy ageing, in particular on aging research and practice, focusing on brain modulation and the application of biomechanics to better care for older adults.

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